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Polo has strong roots throughout the West, and in Wyoming world-class polo ponies are bred and developed with a Western flair. Horseplay Productions and the United States Polo Association teamed up to showcase this unique way of life in six episodes of Western Polo.

Part 1:  Introduction to Western Polo 

Part 2:  Horses and History 

Part 3:  Little Bit Wild

Part 4:  Controlled Chaos

Part 5:  Wide Open Spaces

Part 6:  Cowboy Polo

A new 3-minute episode will air weekly throughout the rest of the 2018 high-goal season on USPA Polo Network (uspolo.org) during the Sunday 3 p.m. EST live broadcast. Each week you’ll get an insider’s view and learn about the most interesting facets of this unparalleled culture, where a hard day's work means anything from playing chukkers to herding cattle, and where horses are king. Find all the episodes right here on PoloChannel.