Playing for Sunny

Ron Allen | 05/01/17

USA took on Argentina in the Copa de las Naciones women’s tournament in Palermo. The game was tied at 3 all at halftime and 4 all after four chukkers. Argentina won the match 7 to 4. More importantly was the camaraderie of four talented American female players who came together as a tribute to the late Sunny Hale. Playing for the US team was Maureen Brennan (6), Julia Smith (5), Kristy Waters Outhier (8) and Tiffany Busch (7) for a total handicap of 26 goals (wh). The Argentine team was made up of Mia Cambiaso (4), Mila Fernandez Araujo (5), Candelaria Fernandez Araujo (5) and Paola Martinez (8).


The game marked the first time a tournament was held as a memorial for an American woman player.  Before the game Maureen Brennan said, "This was probably one of the more significant events I have participated in for my polo career. It is certainly the most important international tournament I may ever play. I am a bit anxious anticipating the emotions we are probably going to experience stepping onto the biggest stage in polo at Palermo to honor of one of the most impactful people in polo in our lifetime. Saying it is an honor is an understatement." 


Photos Pololine and AAP