Sunny - Inspiring Generations

Helen Cruden | 03/02/17


The polo community was struck with the very sad news of the passing of Sunny Hale at the beginning of the week. She was a girl who had a dream that was to play professional polo at the highest level, and through achieving that very dream she became the woman who changed the face of polo. Deemed the "Greatest women's player of all time" by fellow polo great and teammate, Adolfo Cambiaso, Sunny conquered the perceptions of women players, proving that women can play on a level playing field with men given the right training, the right dedication, the right passion for the sport and most importantly the recognition of your greatest teammate being your polo ponies, requiring the highest level of care. Sunny's legacy leaves behind so many marks on the polo world, her selfless manner led her to be one of the greatest spokespersons of the sport, promoting women's polo around the world, promoting horsemanship amongst all players, along with creating the American Polo Horse Association and many other things. Sunny not only sparked the imagination of young players who watched her from the sidelines, she inspired a generation of girls and boys to follow their dreams and gave them the confidence to achieve those dreams through the ethos of hard-work and dedication - she will continue to inspire many generations to come.

Sunny will be sorely missed throughout the polo community, Polo Channel sends our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. 

"Polo is addicting... fact. Polo ponies are even more addicting... fact. If you buy one polo horse... you will need a second one. This will be the greatest addiction you will ever have" - Sunny Hale