Empire Polo Club

Helen Cruden | 05/19/17

Here is our latest Featured Video for Polo Channel, brought to you from the Empire Polo Club, California.

Whilst most of the US polo attention was focused on Florida, our team at Horseplay took a break to head out West and film at the Empire Polo Club in the Californian desert and it was certainly worth the trip.  

The Empire Polo Club in California is far more than any regular polo club, it is a hidden gem outside of LA. With the mountains for skiing or the beach for surfing only being a couple of hours away, the world's greatest music festival, as well as equestrian sports, it is an all encompasing location. Famous for its music festival series, what few people realise about Empire Polo Club is that it is not simply a place where polo is played, it is a club which has 10 world class polo fields and a playing atmosphere that is second to none. 

What makes the Empire Polo Club unique are the amenities in the area. With polo being played six days a week, an on site tavern, a night club, as well as many other great activities, there is never a dull moment at the club. Check out our video to see just what we mean! 

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