QC Day 2: RH Polo and La Indiana Glide to 14-10 Queen’s Cup Wins

Darlene Ricker | 05/25/17

It was a four-spread kind of day at Guards Polo Club on Wednesday, as both winning teams handily took 14-10 victories on day 2 of the 2017 Cartier Queen’s Cup. La Indiana beat Monterosso, and RH Polo followed suit against Murus Sanctus, a new team in the tournament. 

Both defeated teams left it all on the field, but it was patently impossible to overcome the machines they were facing. Playing as a solid four-man team with all members scoring, RH Polo had the unparalleled benefit of Adolfo Cambiaso. Tight teamwork between Rodrigo Andrade and Tommy Beresford produced several goals and made RH look as though they had been playing together forever. However, Cambiaso and Beresford are new to the lineup. Cambiaso is a 16-year veteran of Dubai, who won the tournament in 2016. Beresford played for Talandracas last year.

RH's Tommy Beresford

RH Polo patron Ben Soleimani, who was an integral part of the win, called it a “good start,” adding, “We’re happy, and we go on to our next game, which will be a hard one.” RH plays 2015 Queen’s Cup champions King Power Foxes on Sunday.

The early part of the RH Polo/Murus Sanctus game lent no clue of a shutout. RH was ahead by a single goal (3-2) at the end of the second chukka and by two (7-5) at the close of the first half. They came out gunning in the fourth, with Cambiaso scoring on a slammer in the first 28 seconds, and dominated the rest of the game. 

Cambiaso’s 10-goal counterpart, Hilario Ulloa, went after him relentlessly and made back-to-back goals for Murus Sanctus. Ulloa’s custom is to ride with one stirrup three holes longer than the other and boots with no zippers. Asked why, he shugged his shoulders and said, “It’s just more comfortable.”


Murus Sanctus's Hilario Ulloa

Things went a little Western in the fifth chukka, when Cambiaso and Facundo Sola engaged in a series of hard bumps and warp-speed ride-offs nearly the length of the field. When it came to his horses, however, the gentler side of Cambiaso, and his string’s love for him, showed. After an earlier tumble, his pony ran directly back and stood by his side, no one holding the reins. When an unseated player’s horse ran off, Cambiaso rode up alongside and the pony obligingly halted.

Murus Sanctus whittled the spread down in the sixth from 6 goals (14-7) to 4 and were on the warpath with Facundo Sola all over the field and materializing in the right places at the right times to give his opponents a few grey hairs. He even scuttled the ball away from Andrade—which few can do—but time ran out on Murus Sanctus’ late-found momentum, ending the game 14-10.

Play resumes Saturday with La Bamba de Areco’s debut match in the tournament, opposing Sifani. La Indiana goes for their second win, taking on Talandracas.

Complete game schedule is available here.

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All Photography by Snoopy Productions