Young Player to Watch - Ned Hine

Helen Cruden | 06/06/17

Storming onto the Queen's Ground in front of a busy Sunday crowd is no mean feat for any polo player, let alone a small but mighty 14-year old, Ned Hine as he stepped up to the position of replacing La Bamba de Areco's patron, Jean-François Decaux in their game against Murus Sanctus.

Having played on the team in the Trippetts Challenge against King Power Foxes, Ned was only given two days notice for his call up for the Queen's Cup. He drew on his experience from playing 16-goal with Hilario in Argentina and from what he has learnt playing with La Bamba so far to ensure that he brought a vital role to the team. The key to his play, having learnt from some of the best in the sport, is to look at the ball, work before the ball and then hit the ball, always ensuring that the work comes before the ball. He showed a great example of this as he drove the ball down field towards goal in the final stages of the game, just stopping the ball short of the line ensuring that it was kept in play. Clearly a player that uses his mind when playing on the big stage. 

An English player to keep your eye on in the coming years!