El Remanso - The British force to be reckoned with

Helen Cruden | 07/01/17

The British Quartet stormed onto the fields for the Queen's Cup with every conviction of going all the way to the final, and they did not disappoint. With the Gold Cup slowly getting under way and already a win under their belt, expectations of going one better than they did in the Queen's Cup and reaching the final of the Gold Cup are high.

The El Remanso line-up of Charlie Hanbury, Ollie Cudmore, James Beim and James Harper, has only been together for two years but it is the years that precede them that laid the team's foundations. We spoke to team patron, Charlie Hanbury, to find out more.

Having all hailed from Cirencester Polo Club, the teammates have played together in various forms over the years, with Beimy starting his playing career with Charlie's father as did Ollie.

When El Remanso have taken to the field this season, they have done so with a distinctive, almost unbeatable flare about them. Charlie believes this is down to having played together in the high-goal as a team last year as well as in Argentina earlier this year prior to the English season, which enabled them to arrive and hit the ground running as soon as the Trippetts Challenge, and subsequent Queen's Cup began. However, the most important factor it comes down to in Charlie's eyes is the fact that they are great friends and get along very well. When you listen to how they communicate going on and coming off the field, no matter what the scenario, it is clear that they each understand one another's psche down to a tee, let alone how each other play.  

Asking what they may have changed to their preparations from last year, the simple answer - horse power. With each player being better mounted this year than last, it has given the team the capability to showcase their flare right up until the last crucial minutes of the game, just as shown in their Quarter-Final game against King Power Foxes. It was an extremely satisfying win for the team after losing to them in the Gold Cup Quarter-Finals last year by just a goal, especially up against a team that has an amazing organisation and as Charlie quite rightly said "can win in the blink of an eye".

They went on to thrill the crowd in the semi-finals against RH Polo. With a cacophony of support for them ringing out from the grandstands they were mesmerising as they came out on field in the second half scoring goal after goal. To have had six English players in the semi-finals of the Queen's Cup was a huge achievement for British polo and a lot of it came down to the support Charlie Hanbury and his father have given to English polo and English players over the years.

It would be a tremendous acheivement and one that would be extremely well received by the home crowd if El Remanso were able to take their place in the final of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup final. We will be following their progress very closley over the next few weeks. Go to our facebook page or to our Instagram account @thepolochannel to watch a breakdown of their mesmerising play from the Queen's Cup.

All Photography Helen Cruden