Darlene Ricker | 07/15/17

If you want some extra excitement focus your binoculars on these players in Sunday’s quarterfinals of the 2017 Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup. Habtoor play RH Polo at noon, and King Power Foxes play Talandracas at 3 p.m. at Cowdray Park Polo Club.




Pieres has come into the Gold Cup with a bang, carrying the offensive load for Habtoor. Leading all players with 28 goals for an impressive 7.0 goals per game, Pieres has scored 67% of his team’s goals. This demonstrates that the ability of Habtoor to succeed largely depends on the performance of Pieres. Pieres is near the top of every offensive category, with the most penalty goals per game (4.0) and ranking 3rd in throw-in wins in the Gold Cup with 29. With all of the focus placed on Pieres, he has still been able to shoot 60% from the field so far.




Taking over all penalty 2 duties for RH, Beresford has gone a perfect 14-for-14 from the 30-yard line. As a 4-goal player, Beresford is tied for 6th in goals in the Gold Cup with 16 goals (10 coming from penalty 2s), providing RH Polo with a good offensive option to complement Rodrigo Andrade and Hilario Ulloa (subbing for an injured Adolfo Cambiaso). Although he has only shot at goal 9 times in the Gold Cup, Beresford has succeeded on 6 of those attempts to shoot an effective 67% for RH Polo. Having just turned 21 years old, he has enough energy and attitude to plaster the field (and his opponents) with.




Ranked 6th among all players with 43 goals during the UK Season, Gonzalito and brother Facundo Pieres combine to form one of the most formidable duos in polo. Taking the penalty 2’s for King Power Foxes, Gonzalito has only missed one, making 17 of 18 attempts. With Gonzalito ranked 5th in total shots, he is always a threat to attack and produce goals for King Power. If not attacking, both Gonzalito and Facundo effectively protect the defensive end.


SAPO CASET (Talandracas)



Leading all players with 61 goals in the UK Season (6.8 goals per game), Caset is dangerous from both the field and penalty line. Caset scores 3.8 goals per game from the penalty line while shooting 77.3%, including a very strong 61.5% on penalty 4 attempts. Pelon Stirling has slightly transitioned into a more defensive role, allowing Caset to consistently attack, as Caset is tied for 4th in total shots. The aggressive attacking style of Caset has led to him committing the most fouls of any player, but it is a tradeoff for the offense he gives Talandracas on a constant basis.


Cover Photo by Snoopy Productions

Headshots (c) Images of Polo

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