Darlene Ricker and Alannah Castro | 08/12/17

Kentucky and Colorado took off to a lukewarm start in Friday’s second game of the Colorado Open in Denver, each team working to find their groove. Both were snakebit around goal throughout the first chukker, and it wasn't until the end of the second that Colorado was able to get their momentum going with two goals in quick succession, one by Pablo Spinacci and one by Roberto Zedda.

Kentucky got their feet under them in the third chukker with the power pair of Guillermo Terrera and Matias Torres Zavaleta taking charge and putting the first goal on the board for Kentucky. Zavaleta attempted to capitalize on a penalty shot but the shot went high and wide.

Colorado continued to take charge in the second half. Diego Cavanagh (who earned the nickname “The Weapon” from spectators this summer in the British season) was able to sneak his way through a skirmish to pull Colorado ahead 3-1, and another goal widened their lead. Zedda started the fifth chukker with a speedy breakaway, which Kentucky was able to clear, but teammate Spinacci came to the rescue with a neck shot to put Colorado up 5-1.

Kentucky got in gear with Terrera hitting 1-goaler Andrew Beck on the run for a goal and attempted to follow up with another, but Spinacci made an amazing clear from the goal line to keep the score 5-2. The sixth chukker was a battle as Kentucky worked hard to overcome the deficit. Beck stole the ball off the mallet of Zedda to bring his team 5-3, but it was too late. In the last minute of the game Rob Jornayvaz put the final goal on the board with a nice run to end it 6-3 for Colorado.

Colorado saved some high-octane horsepower for the last two chukkers. In the fifth Zedda played Dolfina Eda (2017 Columbine Cup BPP), a 6-year-old mare from the Valiente string. The sixth chukker saw Jornayvaz on his favorite, Gatita (one of the first daughters of Boeing, Cambiaso’s superstar stallion). Gatita is “a lot of horse” that he sometimes is nervous to get on, said Jormayvaz. “But once I’m up, I’m more comfortable on her than any other horse.” Cavanagh reserved his tried-and-true mare Roxy for the sixth. “I know her, I trust her and I feel comfortable on her,” he said. “That’s why I always save her for one of the last two chukkers.”

The Colorado Open continues Sunday with two games: Kentucky v. Hawaii at 10 a.m., and Colorado v. Valiente at 1 p.m. Both games will be at Valiente Polo Farm. Daily game hotline: (310) 210-4004.

The Colorado Open final will feature the 2017 Rocky Mountain Polo Festival hosted by Polo Fest and Polo Channel

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