Alannah Castro | 08/24/17

High-goal wasn't the only level of polo in the spotlight at the Rocky Mountain Polo Festival at Denver Polo Club in Sedalia, Colorado, on August 19. With the goal of showcasing all levels of play, women's and kids’ exhibition matches took place shortly before the 20-goal Colorado Open Polo Championship final. Both games included a child of Adolfo Cambiaso.

In the women's match the team sponsored by Hawaii Polo Life was made up of Tara Polson (3), Mia Cambiaso (4), Pam Flanagan (3) and Chloe Carabasi (2). The other team, sponsored by Kentucky/Grand Becks Wine, was made up of Lacey Safanovs (2), Lauren Biddle (4), Erica Gandomcar (6) and Connell Herb (0).

Hawaii Polo Life immediately leapt to the lead in the first of four chukkers thanks to a goal by Mia Cambiaso, and from there the game was on fire as both teams battled for dominance. In the third chukker, Mia and Tara Polson went on scoring sprees, rocketing Hawaii Polo Life to a 5-0 lead. Erica Gandomcar nailed Kentucky/Grand Becks Wine's lone goal of the game in the fourth chukker with a penalty shot, and Polson made the final goal, ending the game 6-1 for Hawaii Polo Life.

“It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to showcase women’s polo at this unique event,” said Carabasi, who played for Hawaii Polo Life. “The crowd was electric and responded so well to seeing all the women on the field. The weather was perfect, the horses were fantastic, the field played super well, and the music was epic. It was just an all-around incredible day, and I’m so honored to have been a part of it. Can’t wait for next year!”

In the kids’ game a mini-Valiente team made up of Luke Clarke, Benjamin Quiroga and Freddie Farquharson took on Coors, made up of Francisco Spinacci, Poroto Cambiaso and Joe Coors. Poroto Cambiaso swept Coors to an early lead with the first goal of the two-chukker match. Luke Clarke battled back with a goal for the Valiente squad, but it wasn't enough as Poroto rocked two more goals. In the second chukker Joe Coors continued to pull the Coors team ahead with a goal, and Poroto sealed the deal with two more goals to end the game 6-1 for Coors.