Alannah Castro | 08/05/17

Adolfo Cambiaso is playing in back-to-back finals in 20-goal tournaments in the Western mountain region of the U.S. this weekend: Saturday in the Moncrieff Cup, sponsored by Big Horn Beverage, at Flying H Polo Club in Big Horn, Wyoming, and Sunday in the Columbine Cup at Denver Polo Club in Sedalia, Colorado. 

After clinching a spot a few days ago for Valiente in the Columbine Cup final, you’d think Cambiaso and patron Bob Jornayvaz would have kicked back a bit—but no. The next day they headed north on a six-hour trek to the Johnstons’ ranch on the border of Wyoming and Montana. There they joined forces with Gillian Johnston and Tom Gose to play for Valiente on Thursday against Sonny Hill (Julio Arellano, Curtis Pilot, Francisco Lanusse and Chip Campbell). Valiente took the win 9-3, with Johnston on overdrive, making six goals. Jornayvaz played the first three chukkers, and Cambiaso’s son, Poroto, was in his irons for the second half.

In an earlier match at Flying H the same day, No Trees defeated Jan Pamela 10-9. The No Trees squad featured Craig Duke, Jeff Blake, Steve Dalton and Santi Torres. On Skeeter Field in the afternoon, it was a nerve-racking match for BTA and Tito's, which went into overtime before BTA's Steve Krueger scored the final goal to secure their victory.

Cambiaso and Jornayvaz were dialing in their game in preparation for the Columbine Cup final on Sunday, where they will be facing off with Kentucky (Matias Torres Zavaleta, Guillermo Terrera, Juan Monteverde and Andrew Beck). The Columbine Cup is a warmup tournament for the inaugural 20-goal Colorado Open, which starts August 9. The Colorado Open final on August 19 will feature the 2017 Rocky Mountain Polo Festival hosted by Polo Fest and Polo Channel

For more information about the Columbine Cup, the Colorado Open or the Rocky Mountain Polo Festival, contact Darlene Ricker at (310) 210-4004 or darlene@polochannel.com.

Photos © Liz Lamont Images