Darlene Ricker | 10/01/17

Miguel Novillo Astrada, captain of La Aguada Las Monjitas, knew the odds weren’t looking great for his team in Saturday’s game in the Tortugas Open—especially without Eduardo Novillo Astrada (injured in an earlier game). Alfredo Bigatti has done a superlative job as Edu’s sub, but let’s face it, there are few things in life as deadly an all-Novillo Astrada team.

“It's been a good tournament, and we did really well in our first match against La Irenita,” Miguel said Friday evening. “The game against La Dolfina will be very hard—it is always hard. I don't think it will be a balanced contest, so I guess it will be rather difficult for us.”

Play was anything but balanced, and La Dolfina collected a 16-9 win. Halfway into the sixth chukker, La Dolfina was a whopping 12 points ahead. When a defender for La Aguada and a receiver for La Dolfina ran toward the ball, the superior horsepower of La Dolfina made all the difference. It allowed La Dolfina to get to the ball faster, complete the pass and go on a run. 

La Dolfina dominated the day with an elite passing game and defense. La Aguada had opportunities in the game, but missed around goal several times in the first half, putting themselves in a deficit. But toward the end La Aguada LM dug in like badgers. By the time the final horn sounded, they had whittled the gap to seven goals (scoring three times in the sixth and twice in the seventh), and even managing to keep La Dolfina off the scoreboard in the last chukker.


-La Dolfina made six goals in the second chukker alone, stretching their lead to 7-1.

-La Dolfina sealed the win with a 4-0 fifth chukker, which increased their lead to 14-4.

-Each La Dolfina player scored at least three goals: David Stirling (5), Adolfo Cambiaso (4), Pablo MacDonough (4), Juan Martín Nero (3).

-Alfredo Bigatti finished with six goals to lead all players.

Photo Credit Katerina Morgan