Darlene Ricker | 09/20/17

Just 24 hours after their opening day wins in the 2017 Tortugas Open, both teams already have a lot to think about. Their next matches aren’t for another week and a half, but there can never be enough time to prepare when you’re about to go up against the 800-pound gorillas of the Argentine Triple Crown.

For La Aguada Las Monjitas, their 17-8 win over La Irenita on Tuesday means they will face La Dolfina on September 30. Alegría, who defeated Cría Yatay 16-13, drew the short stick for the next day: a battle against Ellerstina on September 31. Here's what the winning teams' reps had to say about it.


Fred Mannix

THE WIN: “It was a good victory and a good way to start the campaign. The first match is always a lot of pressure, so it was great to start on a good foot. Mission accomplished. We’re very happy that we all escaped with no injuries, no trouble for the horses, and a victory.”

THEIR OPPONENT: “Credit to Cria Yatay. They played well. They're four strong players, and they rode hard the entire game. They're well organized, so they're going to be a tough team all season long.”

THEIR PERFORMANCE: “The truth is, the team performed just all right Tuesday, and we all know we have things to improve. Looking forward, we have a lot to improve if we're going to get to where we want to go this season and lift the trophy. The good thing is that we have 10 days now to prepare our minds and the horses in the best way possible for a very nice match against Ellerstina. We're going to use this time constructively, and hopefully we can all improve our level individually, so when we reach the field a week from Sunday we can show that as a team we can go toe-to-toe with the best in the world.”


Eduardo Novillo Astrada

THEIR PERFORMANCE: “It was a very good game: very open, very fast. I think the boys played very well. Alejandro started big the first three chukkers. He played amazing (scored seven goals total). When he slowed down a little bit, Miguel picked up and played well. Nacho was quite good all game. Alfredo Bigatti had a very good game for his first game in the Triple Crown.”

THE RESULT: “To be honest, I didn’t expect that result against La Irenita. Miguel arrived the day before from America and played only one practice before the game, and Alfredo,too. So I was a little bit afraid that it could have been strange in the game, but it was good.”

THE SUBSTITUTION: “Alfredo Bigatti subbed for me because I got injured in a practice. I’m very sore at the moment. I don’t think I can be back in Tortugas, so Alfredo will keep playing. I hope I will be back for Hurlingham.”