Darlene Ricker | 09/22/17

Monday marks the 2017 debut of the two big-gun teams in the Tortugas Open (La Dolfina and Ellerstina). La Irenita (0-1) faces La Dolfina at 2 p.m. local time, and Cría Yatay opposes Ellerstina at 4 p.m. Both games were postponed from the weekend due to rain and have been moved from the Tortugas Country Club to AAP headquarters in Pilar. More information: aapolo.com

Our Player to Watch in game one is Juan Martín Nero of La Dolfina. Tomorrow we feature a Player to Watch in the Cría Yatay vs. Ellerstina game.

Coming off a successful season in Spain that saw Lechuza win the Copa de Plata, Juan Martín Nero is a critical component of La Dolfina, the defending Tortugas Open champion. One of the most effective defensive players in the game, Nero provides stability in the back position for La Dolfina as their offense drives forward. At the same time, Nero is more than capable of providing his own offense, scoring 42 goals in Spain, ranked fourth among all players.

Displaying a high level of chemistry with his La Dolfina teammates from playing multiple seasons with Adolfo Cambiaso in the UK and David Stirling recently in Spain, Nero is a key component of the La Dolfina passing attack that opponents struggle to contain. The steadiness of Nero offensively and defensively from game to game makes La Dolfina as dangerous as ever. 

Cover Photo by Liz Lamont Images

Photo by The Polo Papparazzi/Sheryel Aschfort