Darlene Ricker | 10/06/17

Finally, after a plague of rain postponements, comes the Tortugas Open final Saturday. With seven of the eight 10-goalers in Argentina on the field, you can bet on an extremely fast-paced game. The ball will be constantly moving via the pass, and the outcome may come down to which team makes the most of the opportunities they have around goal.

The final features the two highest-rated teams in La Dolfina and Ellerstina, setting up a rematch of the 2016 Tortugas Open final. Both teams have only played two games each in the Tortugas Open.


La Dolfina displayed two excellent performances in a 20-6 victory over La Irenita and a 16-9 victory over La Aguada. La Dolfina has exhibited an efficient passing offense that has proven to be difficult to stop, as all four 10-goalers can break away at any time to score. Combine the offense, currently producing 18 goals per game, with a balanced defense and La Dolfina knows how to control each game from start to finish.

However, in facing a similarly rated Ellerstina team, La Dolfina will need to continue to use a balanced offense that has seen all four players average a high number of goals per game. Adolfo Cambiaso leads the pack with 5.5 goals per game, followed by David Stirling and Pablo MacDonough at 4.5, and Juan Martín Nero at 3.5 goals per game. La Dolfina continues to use a quick passing offense, knowing that the success comes from knowing a 10-goal player is executing the pass and another 10-goaler is receiving the pass. For Ellerstina to contain La Dolfina, they will need to limit the long passes from La Dolfina, keeping their opponents in front of them, rather than chasing the receivers.


Ellerstina came out strong in their opening Tortugas game in a dominant 15-3 victory over Cría Yatay that saw very few mistakes. That trend seemed to continue in their second game against Alegría as they raced out to an early 8-goal lead. However, Alegría fought all the way back to tie the game, only for Ellerstina to narrowly win 11-10.

Unlike La Dolfina, Ellerstina has shown a slightly different approach, using quick passes but maintaining their positions on the field. Polito Pieres has been a constant receiver downfield in the #1 position, scoring three goals, while Gonzalito Pieres has worked hard in the middle of the field to provide space for his back two players. Nico Pieres has displayed his 10-goal status with strong defense and an ability to start the offense for the Ellerstina team. The offensive force for Ellerstina has been Facundo Pieres, who has scored 16 goals (8 goals per game), to lead all players in the Tortugas Open. La Dolfina’s focus will be on limiting the chances for Facundo Pieres, which is easier said than done; however, the rest of the team is equally capable of scoring at a high rate.