Eight teams headed Down Under this week for their shot at international glory in the XI FIP World Polo Championship. After months of preparation, planning and practices, the teams will take the field at the Sydney Polo Club in the hopes of proving their worthiness to move on to the next round.

Sat 21 at 10:30

Argentina 14 vs. USA 14

Argentina: Tomas Panelo 3, Valentin Novillo Astrada 5, Lucio Fernandez Ocampo 2, Ivan Jose Maldonado Buteler 4, Federico Rooney 5, Hector Hernando Guerrero 5, Ignacio Bello 2, Diego Braun, Coach

USA: Matias Gonzalez 2, Daniel Galindo 2, Kenneth ‘Jimmy’ Wright 2, Felipe Viana 5, Jesse Bray 5, Carlucho Arellano 5, Joel Baker, Coach, Robert Puetz, Manager

Sat 21 at 2:30pm

Australia 14 vs. Spain 14

Australia: Jack Archibald 5, Alec White 5, Jake Daniels 4, Dan O’Leary 3, Jack Kiely 3, James Lester 3, Lachie Gilmore 2, George Hill 2, Alex Barnet 2, James Harper, Coach

Spain: Jose Trenor 2, Jaime Serra 2, Antonio Ayesa 4, Mario Gomez 4, Pelayo Berazadi Rozpide 5, Luis Benjumea, Manager, Benjamin Araya, Coach

The first round of matches has superpowers Argentina and the US pitted against one another. The US team, led by veteran Felipe Viana, will be hungry for redemption after coming in second to Chile in 2015, and the Argentines will aim to prove their dominance early on in the tournament. Host Australia will battle it out for supremacy with Spain, who defeated Germany in order to qualify for one of Zone C’s two spots in the Championship.

Sun 22 at 11am

England 14 vs. India 14

England: Peter Webb 5, Satnam Dhillion 5, Josh Cork 2, Henry Porter 2, Ed Banner Eve 2, Adolfo Casabal 4, Coach/Manager

India: HH Padmanabh Singh 2, Pranav Kapur 2, Siddhant Sharma 3, Angad Kalaan 4, Dhruv Pal Godara 5, Col Ravi Rathore 5, Player and Manager, Uday Kalaan 5, Coach

Sun 22 at 2:30pm

Chile 14 vs. New Zealand 14

Chile: Jose Zegers 5, Jose Miguel Pereira Riesco 4, Mario Silva Castelblanco 3, Ignancio Vial Mazieres 4, Antonio Eguiguren 4, Jose Thomas von Unger Orchard 3, Pablo De Vescovi, Manager, Martin Arrau 2, Coach, Andres Vial Perez 3, Coach

New Zealand: Glen Sherriff 5, Kit Brooks 5, Cody Forsyth 4 , Player and Coach, Henry Jones 3, Guy Higginson 5, Sam Martin 3, Mark Duncan 2, Jonny Jones 2, Adam Haworth 2, Nick Keyte 4, Richard Hunt, Manager

Zone C winner England and Zone E winner India are in the spotlight Sunday morning. Royalty will grace the field as His Highness Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur represents his country, and England will be keen to showcase some of their knockout upcoming players. Defending world champions Chile take on New Zealand Sunday afternoon, and fans are quite interested to see if the returning Chile squad will continue its powerhouse winning streak.