Darlene Ricker | 10/17/17

The biggest buzz in Buenos Aires, of course, is about the Argentina Triple Crown. But there’s a lot more going on now—and for the rest of the spring season—at  various locales in Argentina.

Yesterday the VII Circuito Femenino 2017 (Women's Championship) final took place at the Alfredo Lalor de Pilar Headquarters. The high- and low-goal divisions, included players with some very familiar last names: Cambiaso, Novillo Astrada, Laprida, Heguy and others. Here are the results of the two finals.


In the high-goal tournament, Centauros La Aventura defeated La Varzea Rei do Caviar 9-7. Four teams, all with 18 goal handicaps, participated in the tournament.


Centauros La Aventura: Delfina Balzano (4-goal handicap), Fátima Balzano (4), Mía Novillo Astrada (4) and Candelaria Fernández Araujo (6)

La Varzea Rei do Caviar: Milagros Sánchez (4), Camila Rossi (5), Annabel Mc Naught Davis (6) and Ginevra D'Orazio (3)

La Dolfina: Olivia Merlos (1), Mía Cambiaso (5), Milagros Fernández Araujo (6) and Clara Cassino (6)

La Vanguardia Kía: Luba Atanassova Adarska (0), Jeanine Hugo (4), Lía Salvo (9) and Martina Gadea (2)


In the low-goal tournament (4-6 goals) the championship title went to La Varzea, who defeated Martindale Las Tacuaras 7-4. Seven teams participated in the tournament.


La Varzea: Katherina Courreges (1), Elina Braun (1), Jasmine Dupont (1) and Alexia Laprida (3). Total: 6.

Martindale Las Tacuaras: Clara Heguy (0), Alejandra Rohm (1), Martina Gadea (2) and Verónica Guerrero (3). Total: 6.

La Cañada Rei do Caviar: Juana Zucchi (0), Verónica Posse (1), Ann Rodger (2) and Clelia Crespo (3). Total: 6.

La Sofia: Victoria Banchero (0), Silke Olscher (1), Maitena Marré (1) and Cornelia Haeufele (2). Total: 4.

La Victoria Área 60: Sofia Sciutto (1), María Laura Calderoli (1), Julia Leiggener (1) and Iara Reynoso (3). Total: 6.

Puesto Viejo Miguel Acuña: Amparo Condomí Alcorta (0), Valeria Dorantti (1), Mercedes Prario (3) and Lucía Junqueira (2). Total: 6.

San Jorge: Romina Galiano (0), Lorena Ojeda Cáceres (1), Mónica Ganley (2) and Guadalupe Strada (2). Total: 5.

For additional information on both the high-goal and low-goal divisions of the VII Women’s Championship 2017 (including league match results) visit: aapolo.com.

Photos by Matias Callejo