Darlene Ricker | 11/05/17


In a consistently dominant game, La Irenita San Germán Seguros defeated La Esquina L.M. Navarro Correas 14-11 Saturday in the opening game of the 124th Argentine Open.

The first two chukkers were peppered with fouls, slowing the game to a crawl that for a while favored La Esquina. But once the fouls eased up La Irenita launched the takeover, led by Juan Ruiz Guiñazú and Juan Martín Zavaleta. Both of them played strong games and scored several impressive goals. The combo was really effective on the offensive attack.

La Esquina

La Esquina was too bogged down to get ahead. The ball stuck was often stuck with Mariano Aguerre (team high-scorer with five goals) and Rodrigo Andrade. With the ball not being moved quickly, La Irenita was able to mark them and cause turnovers and interceptions.

La Irenita’s open-play prowess put them ahead 10-6 at halftime and 14-8 at the close of the sixth chukker. La Esquina made a push in the seventh to narrow the spread to four goals (14-10), one of them on a stunning 100-yard drive by Rodrigo Andrade. La Irenita remained scoreless in the last two chukkers but had established a sufficient lead to secure the win. 

La Irenita


-La Irenita shot 12/17 through 6 chukkers but finished 0-for-6. 

-La Irenita won throw-ins 20-8.

-Juan Ruiz Guiñazú and Juan Martín Zavaleta combine for 10 goals (6 and 4 respectively).

-La Esquina made 15 fouls, La Irenita 7.

Photos by Katerina Morgan