Asociación Argentina de Polo  | 11/07/17

At the Alfredo Lalor Headquarters in Pilar, on Monday, November 6, the final of one of the most important tournaments of the 2017 Official Spring Season of the AAP took place: the XIII Copa Municipalidad del Pilar 2017. Las Monjitas defeated La Dolfina Palm Beach Equine Clinic 15-8.

In the beginning, the Cañuelas team showed their best, with good passing between Gonzalo Deltour and "Gringo" Colombres. La Dolfina held a 3-1 advantage at the end of the first chukker.  From that moment on, the match was very even for a long stretch. The score was tied at the end of the second (4-4), third (6-6) and fourth (8-8) chukkers.

Then, in a totally unexpected turn of events after the even play seen earlier in the game, Las Monjitas scored seven consecutive goals in the last two chukkers and took the title.

At the award ceremony the mayor of Pilar, Nicolás Ducoté, and the president of the Argentine Polo Association, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, handed the trophy to Las Monjitas. “Punto Sorprendido,”played by Santiago Cernadas, was honored by the AAP; and “Burbuja,” played by Gastón Máiquez, was chosen by the AACCP as the best playing pony of the final.

Twelve teams with handicaps between 25 and 28 goals participated in the tournament.

The finalist teams:

Las Monjitas:  Gastón Máiquez 6 (3 goals), Santiago Cernadas 6 (4) (received a yellow card), Juan Britos (h) 7 (8, four penalty) and Matías Fernández Llanos 6. Total: 25.

La Dolfina Palm Beach Equine Clinic:  Gonzalo Deltour 7 (3, one penalty) (received a yellow card), Pablo Llorente (h) 6 (1), Joao P. Ganon 7 (2 penalties) (received a yellow card) and Raúl Colombres (h) 6 (1). Total: 26.

Photo by Matias Callejo