Helen Cruden | 03/13/18



The sport of polo does not fall short of talented dynasties, however there is one on the horizon that is proving to be an extremely exciting one for the future. With Castagnola genes from their father’s side, and Cambiaso genes from their mother’s, there is a lot of weight on the shoulders of the young brothers Barto (16 years old - 6 goals) and Jeta (14yrs old - 4 goals). Hailing from Cañuelas and their club of La Natividad, the brothers have already proved themselves on their native circuit in Argentina. However, they started 2018 by branching out to Dubai and setting the tone for what is to come from these young players to watch, on an international scale.

Playing for Desert Palm alongside Rashid Albwardy and Santiago Laborde, Barto and Jeta went out every game and proved why the argentine polo dynasties are so dominant in the world of polo. Born in the saddle, they started stick and balling together from 5 years old, with horses always taking priority during their daily routines. With the invaluable guidance and diligent encouragement of their father, 10-goaler Lolo Castagnola, Lolo has instilled in them that talent alone does not get you to the point of achieving your dreams, hard work is what is key.


When the brothers take to the field, despite their young age, their synergy is something that cannot be ignored. They are two very different players who form key components of whichever team they are a part of. Their contrast is most notable in their character on the field, Barto is always composed, as silent as a lamb, he has an ability to create space around him to manoeuvre and manipulate the forthcoming play, giving himself and his teammates time to be one step ahead of their opponents. Jeta’s character is far more prominent, with his smaller stature and fiery attitude, he whips through his opponents to be at the forefront of the play and in prime position to score, often lending him to being leading goal scorer, as he was in the Bentley Cup final in Dubai.  Their understanding of one-another’s attributes enables them to keep their heads and work as a unit, this coupled with the fearlessness of their youth makes them a formidable pair to contend with for any team they face.


With the Dubai season coming to a close the brothers are already talking about how they are looking forward to taking on the Abierto Juvenil this year alongside Jero del Carril and Juan Zubia, ahead of the Copa Camara. With the uncompromised dedication they give to the sport and to their horses, they are players to be watching now, ahead of the days when they will surely take to the field in the cathedral of polo for the Argentine Open, following in their father Lolo’s and in their uncle Adolfito’s footsteps.


By Helen Cruden