PoloChannel Staff | 01/02/19

This is the second part in a series about players who have distinguished themselves not only as 10-goalers, but as masters of a specific skill that is key to a team’s success. Part 1 examined Sapo Caset’s performance as top scorer in Argentina. In Part 2, Las Monjitas coach Eduardo Heguy talks about their relationship and tells us what Caset is really like.

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Sapo Caset’s performance as top scorer of the 2018 Argentine season came as no surprise to Eduardo Heguy, coach of Caset’s team, Las Monjitas. He has known Caset since he was a youngster playing the Copa Los Potrillos, the most important junior tournament in the world, which Heguy organized. Heguy recalls that Caset “competed against Facundo Pieres head-to-head and was MVP of the tournament, which meant he was the best junior player in the world.”

Last summer in England they were stabled together at Manor Farm, where Caset played for RH Polo and Heguy was with El Remanso. Their teams trained together and against each other.

“It was a pleasure sharing the field with Sapo and seeing who he is—how he acted at the stables and how he trained and practiced penalties,” says Heguy. By the end of the season, their relationship had deepened. Heguy helped him in the British Open from the end of the league games through the semis, which his team lost in overtime. “Then we started a really good relationship and got closer, drinking a lot of maté and talking a lot.”

At the beginning of the Argentine season, Caset invited him to join Las Monjitas. “It was an honor for me because they are a great organization with super-talented players, and they want to win,” says Heguy.

“Sapo is a different player; I told him he is ‘distinto.’ A really good rider, super-talented, intelligent and very professional. He wants to keep improving day by day. He ‘sits at the table’ with Adolfito and Facundo. He’s competing against them and probably Hilario to be the best player in the world.”

He considers Caset the best player of the 2018 Triple Crown (except perhaps for Cambiaso in the final, who was MVP of that game and made 12 goals to Caset’s 10). In the big picture, says Heguy, “Sapo was the key player of the season. We were really lucky to have him on our team.” 


Photography & Video: Helen Cruden, Las Monjitas Polo, & ESPN Polo